Gemshop & D&D A LOOK INTO THE COMPANY GEMSHOP is a concept. It’s a place where some unseen creations flourish and get nurtured everyday. Established in 1982, a period when jewellery making was more about tradition than fashion, GEMSHOP set on its way to explore unexplored fantasy of ornating individuals in a way that could leave souls mesmerized. After all these years, it still continues to deliver its excellence into this art…of creating art. GEMSHOP by connoisseurs -Dinesh Shah, was meant to take jewellery out of its unblemished cocoon & present it in its most magnificent form. The purpose was to bring across stunning varieties of Articles & Jewellery, away from stereotypes and stagnating designs, with skilled artisans having knowledge of both native and contemporary designing. With passing times almost after a decade D&D was formed, perspectives got added and perfection became a constant look out for flawless offerings. Standing as a witness to all this was a city of inspiration, Jaipur. The ethnic land exuded an aura that could invoke art in anyone, everyone. This makes Jaipur the chosen destination even today for many art adherents. The same gets reflected in D&D works which are equally eclectic, each weaving a story for you. We are a manufacturer, a foundation and a supply chain acting as one, with a great goal to fuse the pieces of one man's vision to connect the art of jewellery to you. Joined together from our stores all over India and connecting consumers around the globe. D&D brings uniqueness in every single design. From Gemstones to gold and silver (articles, artifacts and jewellery), it deals in everything which jewellery could be. D&D is all about everlasting delight, to be savored forever.

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